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About the author

Amongst the scientific disciplines, physics is the one that seeks to describe the laws of the universe. Probably an attraction for these laws led me towards the study of physics. After a doctorate in thermodynamics, I chose the career of teacher-researcher of physics (at the University of Pau, France), the themes of research that I covered related to the study of polymers by rheological methods (relations between the applied deformations and the created stresses). My function as Master of Conferences allowed me to answer to my desire to transmit my knowledge of physics.

I felt gradually the limits of this overly materialist science to truly describe our universe, and I then became interested in a personal capacity to a few phenomena unexplained by science. It is thus that the mysteries of the crop circles became one of my passions.

It was easy to understand that a part of the formations created in the farmlands was the work of man. Even if the numerous scientific analyses undertaken for more than twenty years have led to very significant conclusions, they did not allow however to elucidate the nature of the phenomenon. I therefore decided to go observe for myself the phenomenon in Wiltshire County in England. I was also able to observe several formations that appeared in France.

The ideas presented here are the result of my observations in the fields, my bookish research and from my personal reflections.

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