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The « genuine » crop circles are truly works of art,
magnificent, always renewed, made « in a blink of an eye »,
without witnesses and without passage traces on the ground.
They leave every observer perplexed.

Among the mysterious phenomena in which mankind is confronted today, the crop circles distinguish themselves by the fact that they are concrete realizations, that inscribe themselves in matter, that they renew themselves every year and can be seen by everyone.

It is really a phenomenon of our time because, in spite of its seniority, the number of formations has much increased in the 1980's and actually maintains relatively stable in number. Every year more than 200 crop circles are reported from all over the world, in which a large proportion are situated in England (about one third). And they are more and more visible : whereas twenty years ago, the crop circle creations were observed between the months of June and August, the « season » starts now from the month of April and does not finish before the end of September (in the countries of the northern hemisphere).

The phenomenon of crop circles is clearly created
to call out to mankind of today ! However, the greatest majority of human beings remain ignorant or incredulous, and they are unconscious of the realities of their world !

The author of this site, scientifically trained, sought to address the study of this phenomenon by different methods and... proposes different answers.

Warning :

At the date of creation of this site (January 2009), the proposed interpretations are very innovative and likely to surprise a good many readers. That is why it is recommended that everyone read consciously the developed arguments and to take the necessary time to reflect before making judgments on the proposed answers to the questions : « who are the authors ? » and « what is the meaning of the crop circles ? ».

It is only in trying to not let ourselves be imprisoned by thought schemas to which we are habitually subjected,
that we can hope to approach the reality of this mysterious phenomenon.

All aerial photographs have been taken
by Lucy Pringle (site :
I thank her for her kind collaboration.

The photographs taken at ground level (the majority) are by the author of this site.

Realization of the site :  Eterna Gaïa - AS

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